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Five of the best

Celebrating 5 years online

To mark Club Of The Waves' 5th anniversary we invited our featured artists & surf photographers to share their five personal favourite paintings or photos. It's interesting to see what the artists themselves consider their best work, as opposed to what their fans, the media, magazines and galleries like… We hope you enjoy their great work (in no particular order).

Click the images to see them enlarged…

Artist: James de Leon

Artist: Ron Croci

Artist: Jean Marie Drouet

Artist: John Holm

Photographer: Jim Russi

Artist: John Culqui

Artist: Tom Veiga

Photographer: Thor Jonsson

Artist: Fernanda O'Connell

I have always been attracted to waves, especially the hollow type. From life experience growing up in Brazil, I used to love hiking and exploring the National Parks for uncrowded beaches. The journey of that search and arriving in a spot when it is pumping and you get to surf that with only your friends, for me is the best experience in life. That is what I like to translate to my work, uncrowded waves and seascapes so that the viewer approaches my paintings without the distraction of people and entice them to "mind surf". Here goes the ones I enjoy the most, the ones I call "lingering in the moment".

Artist: Damian Fulton

Artist: Mayumi Tsubokura

Backdoor & Pipeline in the Night are some of the best paintings I've made, I think, and maybe the two most popular ones too. — Dragon is a very big painting, on display in Haleiwa Yoganics studio. The Water Dragon is one of the most famous mythical reference in Asia, it is also my astrological sign as I am born in 1952. It will also be the sign of the year 2012. — Eddie is a painting dedicated to Eddie Aikau, the greatest surfer I've ever met. — Pipe isn't great image quality, but it gives an idea of Mayumi's early works.

Artist: Jenifer Prince

Artist: Spencer Reynolds

Photographer: Jaider Lozano

Artist: Erik Abel

Artist: Rick Piper

Artist: Drew Brophy

Photographer: Clare Plueckhahn

Artist: Colleen Gnos

Artist: Susan Wickstrand-Roche

Gerry Lopez with his own, "Sleeping on a Honeysuckle" print on canvas. — Jeff Divine & Susan Wickstrand meeting up at The Surfer's Journal to co-sign the Rell Sunn Series. — Art Brewer & Susan Wickstrand signing, collaborative collage(s) "Dragonfly, Rasta on a Reef in Indo".

Artist: Reggie Holladay

"My favorite five… They have all been sold but I've kept Waimea Shorebreak for myself, some of them you just can't let go."

Artist: Jay Alders

Photographer: Quincy Dein

Artist: Kathryn Colvig

Artist: Matt Beard

"Here's a few of my favorites today. Ask tomorrow and I might send a completely different set". All of them acrylic on canvas from a project aiming to canvas the entire California Coast.

Photographer: Lucia Griggi

Artist: Marc Christian Kunze

Artist: Patrick Parker

Artist: Bruno Turpin

Photographer: Roger Sharp

Artist: Steve Cook

Artist: Geoff Smith

Photographer: Ryan Tatar

Artist: Patrick Sattley

Artist: Eric Robison

Photographer: David Pu'u

Gelid Inferno › Shot last season 09-10. This piece has achieved critical acclaim in, Art, Editorial and Commercial venues. — Imperium › Not many have seen this image. Hannah Fraser, Laccadive Sea, Maldives. It was sitting lost, in a large scanned image folder since it's creation in 2007. I like everything about it. You can read about why right here. — Nouvelle Vague › Many would consider this image nearly impossible to acquire. It is really all a matter of being there: right place, right millisecond. — Orange Blossom › Larry Ugale fitting all 9 feet of longboard into the barrel. 2011 season. — Sand and Synchronicity › Lars Rathje. Another in a 600 image library, which I produced by swimming 57 times in 34 days in January and February of the 2011 season in unprecedented perfect conditions on the Ventura Coastline.

Artist: Chris Robb

These prints by Chris Robb are available for sale here…

Artist: Alex Krastev

"I think they are some of my favorites because of the simplicity and chill vibe."

Artist: Colleen Malia Wilcox

Artist: Leisa O'Brien

Photographer: Dean Dampney

Artist: Scott Carter

Artist: Daina Deblette Scarola

Artist: Ian Haight

Artist: Daniel Joyce

Artist: Céline Chat

Artist: Bonnie Preziosi

Artist: Fabrice Réhel

Artist: Paul Browne

Artist: Meegan Feori

Branch Family 36 x 48 inches acrylic on canvas (2010) › This is the most recent favorite of my five, a commissioned family portrait. It is wonderful that a young family wanted a painting when they have so many other choices and responsibilities. I like how in the painting they are all connected, yet each experiencing the ocean in their own way. The patterning in the waves makes me smile. — Night Flying Femlin 24 x 36 inches acrylic on canvas (2005) › Luckily a friend owns this one so when I visit her I get the pleasure of seeing it in person. Which is wonderful since this is an important piece to me, one you can fall into. It epitomizes the idea of bella nina bruja. — Green Girl 18 x 18 inches acrylic on canvas (2007) › She is unassuming, almost a decoration, yet so much more which is why she is one of my favorites. — Becoming Sea I 20 x 35 inches acrylic on wood panel (2004) › Becoming Sea I and her series of paintings play with color and technique in a way that set the foundation for how I create paintings: following an idea while being open to possibilities. — Alone of Freedom 18 x 24 inches acrylic on canvas (2003) › Narrative, color and surface design are competing parts of my paintings she does a good job of walking through all of them.

Artist: Steve Pleydell-Pearce

Artist: Ned Evans

Artist: Heather Ritts

Artist: Colleen Hanley

Photographer: Shelli Bankier

Artist: Christina Zepeda

Artist: David Williams

"I guess the reason these are some of my fav's would depend on where I was (both geographically & mood/vibe) when working on them. Also, sometimes its poss' to convey a serious message you feel passionate about, in a humorous way… like, 'Man Eating Shark'."

Photographer: Ben Differding

Artist: Peter Pierce

"I often think my latest are the best, but that is usually because they are new to me."

Artist: Juan Flores

Photographer: Bruce Usher

Artist: Wayne French

"I remember these five each had me at new levels with technique and composition and certainly got my blood pumping for surf stoke while painting them."

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