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Outlined below is our legal and ethical disclaimer for all text and imagery content on Clubofthewaves.com…

Text and image content

All information within this site is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time it was written. We apologise for any miss-interpretations, or false information. But please don't hesitate to contact us if anything is incorrect. We will investigate and correct anything if necessary.

Any text content that it not otherwise credited to an author, artist or photographer was written by the Editor. A good deal of the content in the Culture section was originally written for a University/College paper in 2005/2006. There were many sources for research and inspiration, both online and in print. To name them all would be impossible, to name a few would be unfair to the others. Although most sources are named or linked to throughout this site.

All art and photos found on this site are included with permission from the artist or photographer. The copyright belongs to them, not Clubofthewaves.com …It is illegal to reproduce or use any of the images on this site without the permission of the artist or photographer.

Privacy policy

All information gathered off members is stored in a secure database and is in no way distributed to any other organisations, or used for any commercial purposes. This information helps us to expand and keep our community updated.

External links

We cannot take any responsibility for the content of any of the websites we link to from this site. External website content, addresses and ownership change on a frequent basis, it would be impossible to constantly keep track of the content of all the sites we link to.

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