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Environment & charity

Green surfers

The environment and charity are things a lot of people take for granted. However, as surfers, we need to realise that we can make a difference! We all share the same love of the ocean, and so surely keeping our ocean, beaches and local breaks clean should be important to us all! And any travelling surfers may have seen the poor conditions some natives have to live in, those less fortunate than us, or those who's lives have been affected by the terrible natural disasters of recent times.

There are many organisations, groups and individuals doing what they can to help, and I think it's important that we all know about those groups' worthy causes.

Below is a list of links to just some of these groups trying to make a difference. You should check them out, and together, as surfers, as good people, we can help raise awareness, and help the planet and it's people.

Just knowing about the various problems in the world, is a good first step in the right direction!

Surfrider Foundation

A grassroots, non-profit, environmental organization that works to protect our oceans, waves, and beaches.

SurfAid International

A non-profit humanitarian aid organization, is to improve the health of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing.

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS)

SAS campaign for clean, safe recreational water, free from sewage effluents, toxic chemicals, nuclear waste and marine litter.

Save the Waves Coalition

Works for the global preservation of surf spots, with an emphasis on educating the public about their high social and economic value.

Wave of Compassion

Wave of Compassion is a dynamic event benefiting SurfAid International - A fundraising initiative to support the people of the Mentawai Islands via surf charter vessels.


Dedicated to safeguarding our ocean environments and transforming the surf industry by promoting the manufacturing, distribution, and use of environmentally responsible surf products and lifestyles.

Quiksilver Foundation

A non-profit organization committed to benefiting and enhancing the quality of life for communities of boardriders across the world by supporting environmental, educational, health and youth-related projects.

Greenpeace - Defending Our Oceans

Greenpeace is committed to defending the health of the world's oceans and the plants, animals and people that depend upon them.


Oceana is the largest international group focused 100% on protecting and restoring the world's oceans.

Reef Check

An International non-profit organisation aimed at protecting and rehabilitating reefs worldwide, dedicated to conservation of two ecosystems: tropical coral reefs and California rocky reefs.

Surfers for Cetaceans

Calls on surfers everywhere to support the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins and other marine wildlife, to protest whaling and the killing of threatened and endangered species, and to end the pollution of our marine environment.

Save Japan Dolphins

The only way to stop the dolphin slaughter is to keep showing up in these remote villages and going on patrol. We will continue monitoring, advocating, filming, and bringing international media attention to the dolphin slaughter and the related captures. One of the main reasons that the killing continues is that very few people - in Japan and around the world - even know it is happening. Worldwide exposure of the slaughter is the key to stopping it.

Kelly Slater Foundation

Founded in 2007 by nine time World Surfing Champion, Kelly Slater, the Foundation's mission is to raise money to benefit social and environmentally conscious charities important to Kelly.

Climate Positive

Take a positive step to reduce global warming! Climate Positive is a not-for-profit which works with businesses and households for real and long-term global warming solutions.

Billabong's Design For Humanity

Billabong's charitable division which dedicates proceeds of specific products to various humanitarian and environmental causes.

Patagonia - Environmental Activism

We acknowledge that the wild world we love best is disappearing. That is why those of us who work here share a strong commitment to protecting undomesticated lands and waters. We believe in using business to inspire solutions to the environmental crisis.

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