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You don't have to take our word for it… On this page you'll find a bunch of nice things people have said about us since 2006. Also, below to the right is a live stream of updates from surf artists & photographers on Twitter. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and join the conversation

Kind words from our fans…

Happy 8th anniversary to Club Of The Waves, the premier international resource for all the best surf art and photography around the world. It's truly an honor to be featured alongside some of the greatest out there. I'm so stoked and grateful.

Jay Alders, Artist (New Jersey)

When it comes to surf culture, surf artists, surf photographers, surfing forums, surfing debates or surfing anything, ClubOfTheWaves.com is the place to go. I've been a featured artist on COTW for a while now and have made some great contacts through the site as well as discovered A TON of really great artists and photographers. Take a gander… but don't blame me if you lose the next 2-3 hours to a computer screen!

Erik Abel, Artist (Portland, Oregon)

Club Of The Waves is a wicked surf culture and art site packed with surfing lore from artist and photography profiles to surf history, environmentalism, charity and user forums. It's a great information resource, I've lost countless hours of valuable surf time perusing its intimidating amount of content. Andrew is the site's curator and publisher. I'm hoping to see the spirit of COTW transitioned to art shows and books. I'm honored to have been recently included in the photographer profiles. If you don't already know about The Club, head on over and don't make any plans, it's addictive

Ed Fladung, Editor & Photographer, QualityPeoples.com

Thanks for all that you do. COTW is an essential part of all our success. Again, thank you so much from all of us. You are the single best promoter of this wonderful new art form.

Ron Croci, Artist (Palos Verdes, California)

COTW is a boost to everything great about surfing! Keep up the good work!

Llewellyn Ludlow, Artist (Bolinas, California)

Club Of The Waves is a great resource for surfers, artist, photographers, art directors etc… to see who's who in the industry and check out their work. Excited to be part of the Club next to so many I admire!

Mike Smolowe, Photographer (Los Angeles, California)

…I love love love your site!!! Its so awesome. I've never seen anything like it! Art, surf and photography! What a perfect combo… I hope you keep it going for a long time!

Comment posted on COTW MySpace

Since being on your site i have received some great opportunities and sold many pics as a direct result from COTW. It has also landed me an ongoing contract with a Syndey based company and really helped launch my photography career. For that I am very grateful. Keep up the good work.

Matt Smith, Photographer (UK)

Man, I love COTW! Thank you for everything that you do Andrew. Where would we be without you? Back about 10 years I think.

Ron Croci, Artist (Palos Verdes, California)

Thank you for the opportunity to showcase my work in COTW. Very proud about that, and sincerely, one of the best things that happened to me since I began to take photos. A lot of editors and gallery owners told me that they discovered my work thanks to COTW…! Keep the awesome work, very inspiring!

Jaider Lozano, Photographer (Aviles, Spain)

I love Club Of The Waves and have gotten so much press & new fans from the posting you did on my work. Many Mahalos!

Susan Wickstrand, Artist (Encinitas, California)

Your site is bringing me lots of business, recently I got requests for two books and a new website that's coming out. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Ben DeCamp, Photographer (San Diego, California)

Hey hun, I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great website. I think it rocks that you collaborated so many pieces of 'Surf Art'. I was born in a small city far far away from surfing. Ah hell, it was probably looked at as a sinful act… Yeah well, I moved away as soon as I could. It may sound cheesy, but sites like yours motivate small town people like me to go explore the world and figure out where they really belong. So thanks again for making such a kick ass site, because it makes a bigger impact than what you may realize. Take Care, Sarah.

Sarah, comment posted on COTW MySpace (San Diego, California)

I just wanted to send over a massive THANK YOU! Your site is truly unique and inspiring and I'm stoked to be part of it. I signed a contract with Oxbow. Yes they approached me, and when I asked where they saw my work (as I don't have a website), they said Club Of The Waves. This is becoming a rather common occurance, and I just think the opportunities of being on the website have really helped me. So thanks again!

Bryn Hall, Artist (Cornwall, UK)

It's a fantastic site for collecting creative people together, who find inspiration from the ocean and surfing.

Steve Pleydell-Pearce, Artist (Devon, UK)

Andrew, just came from your site. Don't know whether to paint or go surf. Awesome collection of artists and photogs. So much fun! My work has really taken off thanks to you! Goin' surfin'

Damian Fulton, Artist (El Segundo, California)

I think your site is pretty awesome and fills a much needed void on the web. When I was living in North Carolina I was pretty starved to find access to surf art and new inspiration for photography. Your site does the trick and its an incredible idea. Thanks again, and its an honor to be a part of it!

Ryan Tatar, Photographer (San Diego, California)

Congratulations for the more and more beautiful website! I spend hours to see all the artists and photographers, it's amazing!

Céline Chat, Artist (France)

I love the new site and it is inspirational how your site has helped so many surf artists globally.

Fernanda O'Connell, Artist (Ulladulla, NSW, Australia)

Hey Andrew… You're a good guy and always go to bat for the artists.

Ben DeCamp, Photographer (San Diego, California)

A teacher, from Spain emailed me after seeing my art on your site. He asked to use it for a project on beach culture for his English school students… I happily agreed. Thanks again mate.

David Williams, Artist (Queensland, Australia)

Your passion and dedication to Club Of The Waves is inspiring. Best and thank you for all your efforts…

Meegan Feori, Artist (San Diego, California)

HEY! Just to say your site has actually inspired me to become a surf photographer so much, I think it's amazing that i now know what i want to do with my life, it's the best feeling I have had in ages!

Loza, comment posted on COTW MySpace (Newquay, Cornwall, UK)

Thanks again Andrew, I want to salute you and tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing for myself and my fellow surf artists. There are many talented artists I haven't seen before I visited your site, its awesome!!! …Thanks again and Warmest Alohas my friend.

Rick Rietveld, Artist (Costa Mesa, California)

Just wanted to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to display my artwork on your site alongside some really accomplished surf artists. You will always be that first guy that gave me a shot at getting my stuff online and I will never forget that, so thanks a bunch.

Jaime Noia, Artist (Ensenada, Mexico)

Its a great thing you are doing for surf photographers out there. I remember a while ago when I would be on COTW just browsing and checking out everyone's work and now I'm in the gallery with them. So stoked.

Bryce Lowe-White, Photographer (Rancho Palos Verdes, California)

Right on! Congratulations Andrew! Your work has not gone unnoticed, I appreciate all that you do! Big respect for your diligence and generosity! You tha man, man! I'm sure all of the members of the club feel the same way! Aloha and a very warm Mahalo :)

Clark Takashima, Artist (Wahiawa, Hawaii)

It's nice to find someone who actually cares and promotes surf art and the amazing artists that capture the energy and also the tranquility of the surf and beach!

Helen Edwards, comment posted on COTW Facebook (Wales, UK)

WOW! What a work of art, your website is! Radiantly infused with talent, energy and so many big names!! So many of my surf art and photography idols are on your 'books'! I would be absolutely honoured to be included!!

Nic Reeves, Artist (Dunedin, New Zealand)

Great site. Being a designer myself I appreciate the work and talent that went into creating your site…not to mention the two years of research etc… Well done!!!! I'll have to spend more time checking out everything. Very enjoyable. I wish you every success.

Maria Birdsall (Bulli, Australia)

It looks great. I wish you lots of success with this site… Thanks so much for including surfing "creatives" like us - it's a pretty small niche that we fit into and pretty hard to make a living if you're not in the advertising industry, so any exposure is fantastic.

Colleen Gnos, Artist (Central California)

Thank you so much for all your hard work, I was really totally lost before I found you and my artwork has had some awesome feedback because of COTW… You're AWESOME!!!!… I just wanted to write in and let you know that it is extremely awesome of you to do what you do. Club Of The Waves is never boring to look at… Looking up different artists and the different styles motivates me so much.… Thank you for being you!!! Aloha, Christina

Christina Zepeda, Artist (La Conchita, California)

The site is looking really good bruv! There is so much art and info its amazing. I really appreciate all the work you put into it. It shows, and its high quality all the way. I'm glad that my photographs is part of the project.

Thor Jonsson, Photographer (Stockholm, Sweden)

The profile looks great, thank you for the opportunity to show my work with such a variety of talented artists. It's a privilege to be on the same page with these people, many of whose work i find very inspirational. All the best with Club Of The Waves, it's a great avenue for the creative souls of the surfing lifestyle to meet.

Geoff Smith, Artist (Esperance, Western Australia)

I feel very honoured to be part of such an inspiring site, so much talent! It's humbling!… Love what you have done! Overall the site is looking really, really great and I check it out pretty much every week as I find everyone's work and stories so inspiring!

Lamorna Penrose, Artist (Falmouth, Cornwall, UK)

I'm very proud to be part of COTW.

Jaider Lozano, Photographer (Aviles, Spain)

I'm honored to be featured on such a beautiful website… thanks for everything, you've really made my week… I can't thank you enough.

Chris Stanton, Artist (Mar Vista, California, USA)

I took a look at the site, it looks awesome, really well designed and a neat easy to use layout. I would love to be featured on there.

Jordan Weeks, Photographer (Cornwall, UK)

Thanks so much for including me on your site. Congratulations on two years up and running! Yours is the best and most comprehensive site for our 'tribal' works. Aloha.

Mark Daniells, Artist (Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii)

Andrew; I love the site. You have surprised me! I get many such requests, but they are usually phony, but you have really done all of us a good turn.

Ron Croci, Artist (Palos Verdes, California)

Hi Andrew, thank you for all the tough work you've been doing. The site looks awesome! It's all very inspiring. I really love and appreciate what you've done for the artist community! God bless ya.

Shannon McIntyre, Artist Pro & Surfer (San Diego, California)

I just check your website, it's great, it's a really super and nice design, congratulations and thanks again for your add… One of the best websites for surfing culture. Atmosphere is there. Congratulations Andrew!

Bruno Turpin, Artist (Paris, France)

Happy to be a part of your amazing artists collection, I think you actually have some of the best in the world…a bit humbling for me…thanks again.

Jenny Brymer, Artist (Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia)

Your work is so great and it is also very important for all surf-freaks in the world. *lol* I mean… you are able to express and show emotions only a surfer can really feel. Thank you!

Jules, comment posted on COTW MySpace (Germany)

Hey, this art is amazing, it captures different aspects of surfing that are hard to put into words, its so inspirational to people like myself who are into this type of art, keep it up.

Andrew, comment posted on COTW MySpace (Pennsylvania)
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