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Wayne French

Surf Artist

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Wayne French

Mullaway, NSW, Australia

I grew up mainly surfing Garie Beach which is situated in the beautiful Royal National Park south of Sydney, Garie and the surrounding points and beaches was the perfect place to inspire anyones creativity. My awe of nature soon to me had to be expressed and I feel this drive more now than ever, I have painted many different forms of nature, but to me painting waves really takes me to the core of pure stoke.

I have vivid memories as a grom paddling out over and looking over my shoulder into the most beautiful barreling waves, spinning God given colors and knowing the next wave was mine. Today I feel the same stoke and surfing for over 35 years changes nothing. I kind of like to draw the viewer into the wave focussing more on the natural elements around the stoke of surfing not on the surfer but through the eyes of a surfer. I paint from my home studio and hate parting with originals but love the excitement and joy received from a client when doing so.

Wayne has been residing in the Arrawarra Point Area for many years, still surfs competitively and was President/co founder of Woolgoolga area Boardriders Club.