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Meegan Feori

Surf Artist

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Meegan Feori

San Diego, California

2007: Cardiff studio. Letting go to Love. Dreaming ahead.

2006: Balance with direction, desire with understanding, finding a path

2005: Living dream, becoming who I am, a dolphin in a fish bowl.

2004: The integral nature of surfing and creativity in my life stems from my father, who introduced me to the ocean and my mother, who encouraged me to create. As surfing seeped into my soul, my artwork found its direction: the visual language of surfing. My figural style developed through a series of compromises between what I could see in my mind's eye and what I could physically do. Since then it has been a process of exploration and refinement. Surfing and art-making give me a purpose. Each challenges me to grow and rewards me for my efforts. Although my work represents surfing, it is not exclusive to surfing. It transcends the act of surfing becoming a visual representation of human emotion and experience.