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David Williams

Surf Artist

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David Williams

Queensland, Australia

Dave Williams is a self taught Queensland-based artist.

Inspired by travel, birds, music, trees, animals and the sea, Dave's work embraces a wide range of media including acrylics and oils on canvas, pastels and charcoals on paper and mixed media sculpture.

He currently works from his studio and out in the landscape, while traveling and painting for exhibitions in Australia and overseas.

Dave's works explore the lighter, more humorous aspects of life, as well as the darker side of mankind's relationship with animals and the planet.

His work has been represented by galleries in Brisbane, Broome, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA. His paintings hang in collections worldwide.

Born to a family of sculptors and painters, Dave spent his early years living in a shack on the beach in New South Wales which later became "The Shack" Gallery, representing family and artist friends in the area. His drawing skills were honed at school, daydreaming out the window in maths, sketching out dreams of perfect waves in faraway locations all over his books.

Dave began painting full time in 1998 after years spent drifting around Australia and overseas surfing, exploring, sketching, playing guitar in a punk band, working in mind-numbing jobs, inventing things and co-founding a clothing label. His works first showed in markets and galleries he owned in Melbourne, Victoria and in Queensland.

Dave has recently been selected by Austrade as one of a handful of artists to represent Australia in exhibitions and events around the world.

Follow Dave on Twitter (@davewilliamsart)