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Dominique Amendola

Surf Artist

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Dominique Amendola

Mulki, South India (French)

Since the age of four I have been drawing and painting. As a child, I followed in the footsteps of my father. Whenever he went out to do a plein air painting, he would take me with him, and with my paper and crayons, I did my own art. Often I painted what I saw within rather than what I had in front of my eyes.

After many years of artistic accomplishments, I find that I still prefer to paint the mystical aspect of the world; even so I am also capable to paint a plein air piece or a portrait quite successfully.

I always thought I'd be an artist when I grew up. I was interested in learning all I could learn about the world around me, particularly the techniques of the old masters as well as the new ones. I studied in France, Italy and India, and traveled all over the world. Making art is an amazing process, hard to understand or really describe. It simply happens. Oh, there are lots techniques to learn, lots of processes to figure out, and lots of studies to be made, but in the end it is a culmination of more than all those things. It comes from inside and it will not stand much shaping, all the studies and learned skills only help to give it a voice that is recognizable by others.

Why surf art?

I love surfing of course. I am part of the Surfing India club and we have a nice little place in Mulki, South India and are the only surf group located in South India for now. I am French born, however when I don't live in India, I live in California in the US.

I painted a few surfers paintings in the process and a year ago, I got the idea to start my Amadeus series with the subject surfing through the eyes of great painters, taking my inspiration from famous paintings and giving them a surfing theme. This type of art can become very attractive and I can see it on surfboards and t-shirts as well. I will add on to this series little by little as the inspiration comes.