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Jaime Noia

Surf Artist

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Jaime Noia

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Raised in Orange County, I now live and work in San Migeul. My travels include Israel, Jordan, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia, Panama. I surf whenever there is swell.

I paint because I like to create the things I see in my head. A lot of times people ask me where the location is of a certain piece and I tell them it is in my dreams. Perfect, empty surf is what I like to paint most with a humble little hut where I would be living happily. I like to bring these places into existence (at least on canvas) for myself and others to enjoy. I feel my artistic ability (if you can call it that) is a gift from God and try to use it to tell others about Him.

Jaime Noia is an artist who specializes in lines. His fine art wavescapes encompass daring use of color but what sets his work apart is the perspective: the type of innate detail to subtle nuances that can only be gained by actually exploring every conceivable realm of a wave, ramp or snowpark. Jaime rips in all three sports, he feels it and conveys it for our viewing pleasure.

Following your heart takes the most balls.

Tony Roberts - photographer/filmmaker