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Ian Haight

Surf Artist

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Ian Haight

Kamuela, Hawaii

Ian Haight was born on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu and moved to Waimea on the Big Island in the early 1970s. His love for the ocean and the beauty of the Big Island began then and continues today. His bright realistic style reflects this passion with vibrant colors, exciting landscapes and Hawaiian wildlife portraits.

Ian earned a bachelors degree in art from the University of Hawaii, Hilo. Besides art, Ian's passion is the sport of surfing.

The ocean keeps me so humble as you can never have it wired. Helping to heighten awareness of the special environment we have here is important to me. My art is one way of showing how beautiful and precious our environment is. Aloha!

The bright realism of Ian Haight's work epitomizes the beauty of Hawaii. Ian has taken on a new, more abstract direction using textured compounds, palette knives, oil and acrylic paints.

To not paint so rigidly and really cut loose is exciting! I am really having fun creating bright, textured abstracts.

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