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Llewellyn Ludlow

Surf Artist

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Llewellyn Ludlow

Bolinas, California

Llewellyn Ludlow is an artist from Bolinas, California. From an early age Llewellyn has been interested in the ocean as well as art. At age two he fell into a tide pool at Stinson Beach (near his home in Mill Valley, California) and after inspecting the sea life for an unknown amount of time his frightened parents snached him from the cold ocean waters. Instead of crying and gagging, the look in his eyes told his father Lynn, that "Neptune had claimed Llewellyn and only lent him back to us for a little while."

A bona fide surf addict, Llewellyn started surfing at an early age, and was drawing waves as soon as he started riding them. Instead of drawing "perfect" waves, Llewellyn found himself more interested in thick dredging double-ups and rocky close-outs which are common in Marin county where he lives. After attending college in San Diego and exploring the reefs of southern California he moved to Santa Cruz where he continued to surf as often as possible. Feeling the need to push his surfing to higher levels Llewellyn moved to Kauai to experience the shallow reefs of the north shore. While on Kauai Llewellyn's grandmother became ill and he moved back to care for her. During the seven years in which Llewellyn cared for his grandmother, who was suffering from Alzheimer's, he quietly refined his painting skills in a basement studio.

Today Llewellyn has created dozens of masterpieces ranging in size from large murals to smaller collectors pieces under the name L.L.Bro. Llewellyn's murals can be seen at Java Beach in San Francisco, at Proof Lab surf and skate in Marin County, and Ossies surf shop in Agate Beach, Oregon.

To see more of L.L.Bro's art work, and for more information and to contact him, visit his website at LLBro.com

Artistic Objective…

  • To explore the vast world of imagination, sight and sound and to give something back to a planet that has given so much.
  • My objective is to bring awareness of the earthÂ’s beauty through unique perspectives, color combinations, and a truly direct connection with our planet.
  • Art to me is as important as life; life breathes art.
  • Often caught up in our daily lives, we sometimes forget how much beauty and design the earth holds. We, the product of this divine art, should never let go of this pure source.
  • My art is constantly reaching for this rich mixture of earth and imagination.
  • As a living embodiment of this synthesis composed of mostly water, I feel especially drawn to the ocean. I love to carve my personal signature across the waves by surfing. Painting the ocean and earth to me is no different.