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Clark Takashima

Surf Artist

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Clark Takashima

Wahiawa, Hawaii (RIP, 1963-2014)

RIP Clark Takashima (1963-2014)

Clark Mitsuru Takashima was born in Hawaii on May 28th, 1963, raised in Pearl City, on the island of Oahu. Clark began drawing at the age of 5 with the basics of line drawing taught by his father. From that point on art became his passion along with surfing and hiking. He would explore the islands beauty, come home and convey his pleasurable experiences on canvas. His summers were spent on Maui with his grandma every year, inspired by its spectacular sights he kept painting and was successfully painting seascapes at the age of 15.

Clark was primarily self taught but also earned an Associates of Arts degree at Leeward Community College - University of Hawaii.

He worked for an art gallery as a visual merchandiser where he studied various modern master's works. He has also traveled the world from Japan to Europe, visiting the works of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and many influential artists' works of all time. He has painted in different styles and developed his own blend of impressionism and realism which creates magically breathtaking pieces that give the viewer a feeling of "being there". He also became a freelance artist/graphic designer for various companies and created some timeless designs still parading Hawaii's streets today.

Clark has continued to delight us over the past 25+ years with art and sculpture, but in 1999 he wowed us with an 18 x 32 foot mural of a huge wave of the famous surfing beach, The Banzai Pipeline. This mural was featured across the dance floor at a Honolulu night club called Pipeline Café. It was so well received, it opened up a whole new medium for Clark and he has thrived in a world of murals ever since. He has painted countless scenes in nightclubs, restaurants, wine bars, clothing stores, surf shops, numerous other business's and private residents. Including art works ranging from "Hawaiiana" to "Itailianana", seascapes, surf scenes, underwater scenery, landscapes, portraits and more.

Clark loves to paint most… waves. His paintings raise awareness to our precious resources, the waves and the pristine surf beaches are held in their irreplaceable majesty.

All of Clark's original paintings depict insightful views of the sport of surfing, one-of-a-kind art, perspectives only a surfer can explain or begin to share. He brings the non-surfer, as well as the expert to experience this feeling so many, but so few, live to feel. A mix of impressionism and realism, his work has shown mood through color, and you are magically transported to the place where a feeling or action is realized.

Whether you're seeking a unique piece of art, a beautiful sculpture, a mural or special treatment in your home or business, Clark is a true renaissance man, you'll be delighted with his creative ability, professionalism, warmth, and friendliness. If you can dream it… it's not a matter of "if" Clark can paint it, but when.