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Bryn 'Byrd' Hall

Surf Artist

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Bryn Hall

Bude, Cornwall, UK

Bryn Hall is an established illustrator who specialises in surf art, transmuting her love of the ocean into her creative work. Influenced by the raw beauty of the Cornish coastline and a passionate surfer, she uses flowing lines and shapes along with elemental motifs which represent the freedom and beauty she finds in the water.

Bryn has travelled the world in search of surf and inspiration and has spent time in Australia, France, Morocco and the Canary Islands. Finding beauty in the delicate and sometimes overlooked elements of her environment she prefers to see the magic in the little things - which is maybe why she likes surfing small waves.

Not content to use paper alone for her artistic pursuits she uses skateboards, surfboards, walls, clothes and people as canvasses.