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Christina Zepeda

Surf Artist

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Christina Zepeda

La Conchita, California

Christina Zepeda - Born in Southern California, believes that her artistic style comes from God (given to her when she was first able to pick up a crayon), the summer's in Baja Mexico and the small beach town of La Conchita, California. Her bedroom window faced the beautiful and famous Rincon Point in Ventura County. La Conchita opened her eyes, heart and soul in so many ways. Artistically, Baja and La Conchita(LC) helped her grow an Inspiration high and is stoked for life, living day to day with an open beautiful mind and imagination. Her style and approach is simple, deep in colors and without structure of any kind. She has no "art institute" or "art degree" experience. She strongly believes that art cannot be taught, it comes from within, although she has always wanted to get a one on one art session in, but to this date has not had that opportunity. All of her art pieces are simply threw trial, error, what she feels from within and ambition. Her growth as an artist comes from her passion… Passion for our ocean and it's energy, passion for not only her culture, but art culture as well. She is definitely the definition of "A NATURAL".

Inspired by other artists like, Tony Spineto, Aubrey Falk, Jaime Noia, Patrick Parker and Robb Havassy, who have not only been an inspiration to her, but of a huge motivation in her art walk as well. Christina has still always focused on her own style and learned to pick up on tips as far as vision and heart from these and many more artists she has always respected. Christina never limits herself when it comes to creating, but finds that she sticks to a deep flow in color. She adds peacefulness and serenity to her brush strokes. She finds her life blessed and protected by God and also inspired threw her parents, 15 nieces and nephews, close friends and as always the beautiful energy of the ocean and everything in it…