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Aubrey Falk

Surf Artist

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Aubrey Falk

Santa Barbara, California

Aubrey Falk is a 3rd generation born native of Santa Barbara. Growing up at the beach, she developed a great appreciation and love for our natural environment. She first experienced surfing at age 7 and began entering surf competitions at 13. Aubrey progressed from there to surf around the world and enter in professional surf contests.Her talent for art was noticed at a young age, and she held her first art show at age of 16. Since then, Aubrey has continued to travel the globe and develop her art. Her paintings have appeared in numerous magazines, local papers, and galleries in southern and central California. Recently, Aubrey has been involved in Plein Air painting classes through Santa Barbara Adult Ed. These classes have introduced her into working with oils, where her previous mediums have been in acrylics, watercolors, and pastels. She finds it exciting to explore and develop her skills by working in different mediums.

Making art, being in nature, practicing yoga, surfing, dancing, focusing on breath, and connecting with others are just a few of the many ways Aubrey enjoys spending her time.