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Geoff Smith

Surf Artist

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Geoff Smith

Esperance, Western Australia

Geoff Smith, also known as "Speed" and painting under the name of "Speedline Art" is originally from the West Australian bush where he grew up on a 4000 acre wheat and sheep farm 70 miles inland from the coast. He made it to the beach at the age of 16 years, and once hitting the ocean then spent the next 35 years searching for and surfing waves along the isolated coasts of West and South Australia, spending quite a few years focusing on the waves of the South Australian desert coast.

He stayed afloat financially working on the land, and also doing some stonework in between surf sessions.

From an early age Geoff has been interested in art and dabbled with paint over the years. In 1989 after a health breakdown, brought on by the excesses of a misspent youth, and while attempting to clean up his act, Geoff decided to seriously pursue his creative outlook by focusing on the life and land that he knew.

Mostly self taught over the past 16 years he has continued to produce a variety of ocean and surf related art work. Based in the West Australian coastal town of Esperance he pursues a lifestyle of surfing when the waves are good and painting as much as possible, in between the odd job when there are bills to pay. So far so good!