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Colleen Hanley

Surf Artist

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Colleen Hanley

San Clemente, California

Colleen grew up in a large family, the youngest of nine siblings. Born in Connecticut. At age ten, her family moved to the south on the beach. She left that South Carolina home when still a teenager and traveled south to Costa Rica, and then to San Clemente, California where she currently lives with her husband and son.

Colleen surfed her way through many amateur and professional competitions. Ranked as a top competitor. However, decided to make art her career. Her time in Costa Rica inspired her use of vivid colors. Her love for surfing and writing music can be found in her smooth strokes that flow seamlessly on the canvas. Her work captures the essence of stoke that many surfers experience in the water.

While not all of her art is surfing specific, it definitely plays a huge part. Colleen is the official artist for the USA Surf Team, her artwork has appeared in Billabong stores, she's designed logos for various companies, and has donated her work to breast cancer awareness.

While oils on canvas are her first choice, she's also known to put paint pen to surfboards and skateboards. Adding yet another dimension to her work, her bronze scuplture of a surfer titled "Patience" has Colleen yet again, in a league all of her own.

Follow Colleen on Twitter (@seahanleyart)