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Fabrice Réhel

Surf Artist

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Fabrice Réhel

Brittany, France

I was born in 1976 in Brittany, France and my philosophy can be resumed by the sentence of a famous French writer called Montaigne: "The true mirror of our speeches is the course of our lives".

I think I am obsessed by creating all the time. To leave traces, draw lines or even place a stone on another… always trying new things. That's why wasting my life to earn it was not possible. Too many things to get out of me! I wonder: You can always find a solution. I travelled a bit in quite nice places like Morocco, West Indies, where I lived, Ireland, Polynesia, met nice people. After that I decided to be a 'professional painter'. Invent your life because none of us can go into ready-to-live-boxes. Some people say it is not easy, you need much energy. But it's so much more pleasant!

My next aim is to draw and build by myself for my growing family a wooden house with straw bales and lime, leading my future son to the ocean and the surfing... to continue to be in phase with my convictions, like Montaigne said!.