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Fabien Cayeré

Surf Artist / Sculptor

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Fabien Cayeré

Anglet, Côte Basque - France

He currently resides in Anglet, Pays Basque where he dedicates his full creative time producing sculptures with lost wax technic since 2005.


  • Bachelor's degree / D.N.A.T. Art & Communication School from ESAC in Pau (France) '96


  • Villa Béatrix Enéa - Mairie d'Anglet '06
  • Roxy Jam '07


  • Anglet Magazine '07


  • Surfing visual art
  • Roxy Jam, Biarritz '07
  • Locals surf contests
  • Surf art collectors

Information about artwork's:

  • Single pulling (unique)
  • Signed
  • Two sizes:
    (rider: 18cm board: 25cm)
    (rider: 27cm board: 36cm)