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Dean Dampney

Surf Photographer

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Dean Dampney

Lake Tabourie, NSW, Australia

As a surfer Dean Dampney's focus over the last fifteen years is to paddle in and ride the biggest waves he can find, primarily focusing on Sunset Beach as his teacher. As a water photographer it is this arena that he is most intent on capturing… to date with mixed results.

As a street photographer and social documentarian, Dampney continues to translate his sensitive and creative eye to the people he is surrounded by - Surfers. Dampney's work on capturing the spirit and nature of his fellow man is fast becoming prolific with a book on Surfers currently in the making.

With solo exhibitions across Australia over the past five years, Dampney is fast becoming a renowned photo artist. As a street photographer his tendency is to find Australians in their lighter moments, enjoying life for its simplicity and beauty. From shooting surf photography from the water (mostly from the North Shore of Oahu) to his time as a photojournalist, Dampney has found himself immersed in the thick of things on more than one occasion.

It is ironic that his more renowned work of black and white images depicting peace and innocence, are often from a time for him as a photographer where riots and twenty-foot swells were a regular occurrence.

Dampney's background as a software engineer with bachelor degrees in Economics and Science further add to the enigma. In looking forward, he intends to continue capturing people in their everyday lives, often surreptitiously, and in such a context that both beautiful stories can be told and poignant messages can be made.

2006 extract from Capture Magazine (Australia's top-selling professional photography magazine)

Dampney currently works as a commercial photographer and freelances as a photojournalist.