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Roger Sharp (Sharpy)

Surf Photographer

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Roger Sharp


Born in the South West of England.

Picked up a camera at the end of a geology degree in Aberystwyth in Wales.

Started shooting to make a scrapbook of places surfed.

Broke collarbone pulling into French shorey.

Shot a lot more.

Got published in 1995, tiny postage stamp shot in 360°

And its been a rocky road ever since!

Also started writing as well thanks to Derek Rielly dissing my shots but bigging up my article from a event in Madeira I covered for SurfEurope.

Was Ed-in-Chief of SurfEurope magazine for three years - 2002-04.

Started, edited, designed, photographer, sold ads for and distributed ten issues of Slide magazine for two years - 2006-07.

Went bankrupt.

Hit reset.

Another stint in the freelance trenches shooting for Wavelength, ASL, Surfing, TSP, SE and companies like O'Neill, Billabong, Animal, etc…

Now editor of CARVE magazine (since Feb 2010) and frothing on the day job…

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