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Chris Robb

Surf Artist

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Chris Robb

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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Chris is an internationally collected artist, illustrator, designer and creative director. He has worked in many mediums including painting, printmaking, illustration and graphic art. His fine art hangs in collections in California, New York, Florida and France and has been shown in New York, California and Florida.

Chris' art has been featured in many publications including Longboard, ESM, LineUp and One Magazine. His work was also recently featured in Nordic Surfing Mag Sweden's premiere surfing publication.

His work is influenced by his love of surfing, it's people and places, the natural rhythm of the coast and his ongoing concern for the over-development of the natural environment.

Chris surfs, lives and works in Windermere and New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

In art, in waves and in life there are surprises. While all three may adhere on some level to a most basic pattern, follow any of these for long enough and you will surely encounter something delightful and unexpected. Such is the surf art of Chris Robb. Robb, an artist living, working and surfing in Windermere and New Smyrna Beach, Florida, "sees painting, like surfing, as an improvisatory relationship between two surfaces." Admiring his art is truly an act of entering into a relationship; he spins complex paintings from easily recognizable shapes and colors lovely enough to lust for, and after one look it is easy to find oneself hooked. The eye can ride a Robb painting like a wave, following the soothing repetitive patterns as they seamlessly introduce figures, icons and images that make full the visual experience, rounding it out and letting the eye hang ten till the bottom of the painting, where the instinct is to start at the top again. Subtle details like the background figures painted into Alibi make Robb's art freshly unique, and his transfixing skill offers no doubt as to why his work is included in a number of private collections around the world.

Written by Sarah Carr for LineUp Magazine