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Chris Neilson

Surf Artist

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Chris Neilson

Sunshine Beach, Queensland, Australia

Born in 1965 in Melbourne, Australia, Chris has constantly been influenced by the ocean from an early age. Annual family holidays were always to the beach with fond memories of such Victorian surfing locales as Portsea, Phillip Island, Torquay and Bells Beach. He was a competitive swimmer until aged 23, qualifying for state championships and captaining the school swimming team in 1983. Recreational sports have included waterpolo, windsurfing and of course surfing. In 1992 to '93 he travelled the world chasing the sun and exotic paradises. The beauty, the rarity and the human encroachment on these fabled and legendary locations became the true foundation for his inspirations on his return. From the black sands of Bali and Santorini to the glaring white sands of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. From the stunning tropical beauty of southern Thailand and Fiji to the rugged Atlantic coasts of France and Portugal.

Chris is self taught, picking up brushes and canvas for the first time in 1996. As a child he watched his mother pursuing an art career, painting sea and landscapes in oils. He uses a high sense of analysis and close observation to bring an image to life, looking for patterns and matching brush techniques to create the effect. Acrylic paint is his choice, fulfilling his desire to capture intense colour and contrast as well as feeling very appropriate for the subject matter.

"With every painting, my desired goal is to achieve a realism that celebrates the natural beauty of our world, the amazing colours, textures and patterns created by light and the form of our natural world. To paint these images is like a holiday and hopefully viewers can feel the emotions of reconnecting to the environment."

Chris has had work hanging in several galleries in Melbourne and on the nearby Mornington Peninsula. In 2008 Chris moved to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and now lives near Noosa. A move that has invigorated his sense of the tropical beach paradise fantasy.

"Sublime weather, pristine national parks and and several cracking right hand point breaks! What a great place to live and draw artistic inspiration from."

Chris' work has sold steadily since he began painting in the late 90s. Buyers have been from many countries, mainly Australia, but including New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Singapore and the USA.