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Patrick Sattley

Surf Artist

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Patrick Sattley

Carlsbad, California

Patrick Sattley was born in Oakland, California in 1979. He grew up a "military brat" moving throughout the U.S. including MS, FL, MD, and San Diego were he began surfing, and really took an interest in art. At age 19 he left for Italy for two years on a mission for his church living in cities including Rome, Napoli, Olbia (Island of Sardinia), Pozzuoli, Salerno, Ascoli Piceno, Pescara, Mondragone, and Caserta. Six of these cities are remote little beach towns which helped inspired his interested in oil painting. He began to paint mainly waves, which seems to be his passion and focus. He has been painting ever since. He paints in various styles, though realism seems to be the style of choice. His brothers used to laugh that all he ever painted were waves, now they are waiting in line to get their own custom original wave paintings. Patrick and his wife Jen love life in Carlsbad, California. He enjoys all San Diego has to offer from the surfing to mid-night lobster diving. He is continually being inspired by his surroundings to paint amazing waves, and surreal seascapes.