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June 18th, 2012

The World Open of Photography

We’re delighted to announce a new sponsor of Club Of The Waves: The World Open of Photography.

The Open is an international photography competition with a prize purse of $50,000! It is open to all photographers, and we’d like to specifically draw your attention to their Action & Lifestyle category, which of course is perfect for surf photographers! You can vote on your favourite photos and photographers. So we encourage you to visit their website and have a good look through their photo archives!

We’ll be blogging COTW featured surf photographers’ submissions (of which there are dozens!) over the coming weeks/months, so watch this space!

The Open

The Open is a worldwide search for the greatest photographers of our generation. It features both online and live events and delivers one of the largest prize purses in the photo industry: $50,000 (US dollars). It is an exposure powerhouse that connects photographers with a global audience. Read more here. Here’s a quick tour of their process. And you can follow them on their Photo Blog, Facebook Page and on Twitter at: @theOpen