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November 27th, 2012

The Open finalists

Earlier in 2012 we announced an international photography contest… The initial round of submissions and public voting is now over and a number of finalists have been selected to go through to a further round of judging for the ultimate prize. We’re delighted to say that 8 COTW surf photographers were amongst the finalists! So congratulations to Andrew Buckley, Brian Bielmann, Chris Burkard, Luiz Blanco, Myles McGuinness, Nate Smith, Russell Ord and Scott Bauer.

The winners will be announced November 30th! See all the finalists here…

Below are some of the surf photos amongst the finalists, many of which taken by COTW featured photographers.

Photo by Jordan Godley

Sunset surf fog in San Diego, California. Photo by Anthony Ghiglia

The most radical wave ever ridden in Tahiti by Nathan Fletcher. Photo by Brian Bielmann

Taking it all in before paddling out at Blacks Beach. Photo by Myles McGuinness

Peter Mendia in Chile. Photo by Chris Burkard

Underwater wave at Cloud 9, Philippines. Photo by Scott Bauer

Underwater wave. Photo by Brian Bielmann

Underwater surfing turbulence. Photo by Brian Bielmann

Cyclops, Australia. Photo by Ted Grambeau

Australia, somewhere on the East Coast and South of Sydney. Photo by Nate Smith

Jordy Smith surfing on the Island of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. Photo by Luiz Blanco

Flyn Novak at Pipeline, Hawaii. Photo by Brian Bielmann

Chris Ross surfing off the coast of Western Australia. Photo by Russell Ord

Andrew Mooney locked in an afternoon gem on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. Photo by Nate Smith

Keith Malloy navigates through the broken slabs of ice (in Iceland) in search of cold water waves. Photo by Chris Burkard

Big Sur, California. Photo by Chris Burkard

Ryan Burch at Cardiff Reef, California. Photo by Myles McGuinness

Kerby Brown risking his life at a remote reef in Western Australia. Photo by Andrew Buckley

Waimea Bay, Hawaii. Photo by Michael Clark

South Pacific wave. Photo by Jussi Grznar

Aerial photo of surfer Peter Mel surfing Nelscott Reef in Oregon. Photo by Ben Moon