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November 12th, 2012

Surf art covers for your iPhone

Artist Erik Abel has released a line of eco-friendly iPhone cases with Trü Protection to benefit Heal the Bay.

Artist Erik Abel, known for his ocean and surf-inspired art and fundraising initiatives, has released a line of three iPhone cases with Trü Protection. As a member of Trü Protection’s "Artist Series", 15% of sales from the cases will be donated to Heal the Bay, the Santa Monica based non-profit that has been working to protect the coastal waters and watersheds of Southern California since 1985.

"As a California native and surfer, keeping our ocean and beaches clean is very important to me. The ocean is my sanctuary and I want to do my part to help it stay clean and healthy. Heal the Bay is a great organization that makes a difference. I’m stoked to work with them and contribute to their cause, especially with Trü Protection. Their cases are all sustainably made here in California. They have a great mission and are supporting dozens of non-profits with their products. I like working with companies who find value in helping protect the environment."

Erik Abel

The Trü Protection cases are produced locally in California from 100% post-
consumer recycled plastic. Abel’s new cases, which retail for $39.95, will be
available for iPhone 4 and 4S along with the case he designed to benefit
SurfAid International
on both the Trü Protection website and in his online store at www.abelarts.com. Trü Protection will release cases for the iPhone 5 in the same designs before the end of the year.

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