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April 22nd, 2014

Kidnappers of Moment – Zak Noyle

A great short film directed by Pierre David, about Oahu, Hawaii based surf photographer Zak Noyle, talking about his photography, and his love of water photography with an iPhone.

Watch the video below, and please share this post if you like it.

With my iPhone it’s such a challenge, and it’s so rewarding when you get that really great photo, or video. And to be able to have it right there on your phone, and upload right away to Instagram, or text it to your friend, is such a great feeling. We love in a world of now, an instant, and to have something like that is crazy.

Zak Noyle

This short film, supported by RVCA is based on the article "The New Exhibitionist" published in Desillusion Magazine 45, Tome 1 available here.