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June 13th, 2011

Shifting Perception by Jay Alders

"Shifting Perception" as seen below, is a painting by Jay Alders inspired by the destructive earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March 2011. Jays says: "This painting just came to me with a glimpse of inspiration, a feeling of empathy and a sense that it needed to be expressed."

"Despite differences in Global politics and personal and social beliefs, we are all sharing this planet. When natural disasters occur on a magnitude as enormous as the recent Tsunami we need to remember to redirect our focus towards love, support and building a global society in peace.

"I decided to paint this piece in Acrylic paints, which I almost never use but I felt that if I was focusing on a new way of thinking, I should put myself outside of my comfort zone creatively too and see what happens. The cracking and fault line patterns are actually based on the natural grain patterns in the wood.

"This piece focuses on the beauty, hope and power as opposed to the destruction and sadness. A shift in our perceptions of each other and our world."

Below are more (recent) great paintings by Jay Alders. All available to buy as prints from Jay’s website.