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September 27th, 2012

Liquid Light: A first glimpse

Here’s a little trailer for an upcoming documentary that takes a look into the world of surf photography through the eyes of five female surf photographers. Starring: Kirstin Scholtz, Lucia Griggi, Sarah Lee, Joni Sternbach and Clare Plueckhahn. A film directed by Joseph Ryan and Stefan Jose. Produced by Kirstin Scholtz.

Keep updated on their website (www.liquidlightfilm.com) and Facebook Page.


For years surfing has been captured and documented in the media by the sport’s leading lensMEN yet despite the prevalence of men behind the lens at the world’s most iconic surf breaks, an increasing number of women are making a name for themselves in this male dominated profession.

Liquid Light takes a unique look at surf photography through female eyes as we meet a handful of remarkable women who have made a living setting their viewfinder on the ocean and the Sport of Kings.

Join us as we go behind the scenes and on location with each of these women, taking an in depth look at the guts and glory of the pro surf tour, the ever changing kaleidoscope of fashion and branding on commercial shoots, chasing that perfect wave on a freeriders surf trip, disappearing into a blue watery world beneath the waves in underwater photography and documenting the sports most colourful characters in portraiture and documentary photography. Find out what inspires these women, what it takes to make it in the boys club and how they go about creating the breathtaking images they do on a daily basis.

Kirstin Scholtz


Lucia Griggi


Sarah Lee


Joni Sternbach


Clare Plueckhahn