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August 5th, 2014

Instagram feature Sarah Lee’s underwater photos

Congratulations to Sarah Lee, who’s photo has been featured by Instagram, and they wrote a neat post about her work too! See Instagram’s post about Sarah’s photos…

Alison Teal duck diving a wave. Photo by Sarah Lee

“Duck diving” – the act of riding waves beneath the surf has found a home in the incredible, ethereal photos by Hawaiii Instagrammer Sarah Lee (http://instagram.com/hisarahlee/). "One day I was out body-surfing and I saw the way the waves broke like this cool cloud in the sky, but underwater," she says. "I thought, ‘the closest thing to flying could be diving under the waves.’"

Most of Sarah’s photos feature other female aquatic athletes, who are also her close friends. In part, she sees her subjects as extensions of herself. Growing up in Hawaii, Sarah spent almost every moment in the water.

"The ocean is a force of nature you cannot control. That’s what I’ve enjoyed most about it," she says. "The shot is always different."