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April 26th, 2012

Zak Noyle’s Momentum

Zak Noyle is an amazing Hawaiian surf photographer. If you don’t follow him on Twitter or Facebook, then do, now! He regularly shares photo updates from his travels (including unbelievable snaps from his iPhone) that are not to be missed! He’s been in the surf media regularly this past year, including winning Surfer Magazine’s Photo of the Year.

Photo: Stephen Koehne at Off The Wall, Hawaii. Shot by Zak Noyle

Red Bull have created a great two part documentary about Zak, with touching tributes from his family and friends, including top Hawaiian surfer Jamie O’Brien. Unfortunately we can’t embed these videos here, but below are the links to both videos! And here is Zak introducing it:

Check out my two episodes produced by Red Bull on my photography, it goes behind the scenes of what it takes to shoot in the water, and also why I shoot what I shoot. Enjoy.

Zak Noyle

Part 1

Zak Noyle isn’t your typical extreme sports athlete. Considered one of the best surf photographer’s in the world, Zak lives his life on the edge. Take a dive into this week’s Momentum, and see how Zak continues to amaze those around him with his ability to capture the perfect shot.


Part 2

In the second part of Zak Noyle‘s Momentum, we get an inside look at how his upbringing contributed to his success as a surf photographer. Later, Zak learns that he will be working at the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau, where waves are expected to be 25+.