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June 28th, 2012

The Open – Russell Ord

Western Australian surf photographer Russell Ord has entered a host of photos into The Open photography competition, and could use your vote! To see Russell’s great photos and to vote for them, visit the link below or click on his photo submissions below… Good luck Russell!


Behind the curtain of a wave. Western Australia

The Claw. An empty wave in Western Australia

Jack Robinson. Behind the curtain

Under the lip. Kieren Perrow

Nick Cairns in Indonesia

Chris Ross. Off the coast of Western Australia

About Russell Ord

I do not want to take a combination of good surf photos over time, I also don’t want to remember myself for just being in the channel at the right time and right place capturing the surfers wave of a lifetime because in the end that’s easy. As a photographer I want to remember myself for taking that "one" photo, not because of the surfers name or reputation but because of the position I put myself in to capture the moment in time, an amazing view of the ocean that can not be captured without an element of risk, its taken me years to actually find my niche within my photography and now I have its such a great place to be in.