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November 3rd, 2011

Susan Wickstrand’s Rip Curl collaboration

Rip Curl run a thing called "Artist of the Search" where they collaborate with artists to produce a special edition range of clothing and apparel. You may have seen Heather Brown and Tyler Warren’s Rip Curl products before? Anyways, this time around it’s a collaboration between Rip Curl and Australian artist Susan Wickstrand

Rip Curl – Artist of the Search – Thriving on experimentation and the unexpected, artists, like surfers, truly embody the Search lifestyle. This is why Rip Curl is teaming up with brave new artists each season to design unique surfwear, fit for searching. Part of the Rip Curl Planet movement, all Artist of the Search products are made from eco-friendly materials adding to the depth and difference found in each piece.

Susan Wickstrand – Inspired by the ocean and created in her unique layered collage style, Californian painter Susan Wickstrand and Rip Curl collaborate to continue the Artist of The Search Collection. Born in Chicago, but bred in the waters of Windansea, Susan knows style, good surfing and good travel = the spirit of The Search. "I have been watching the ocean all my life and the way it changes from one minute to the next…" Combine this with her love and understanding of light and technique and you get a real Rip Curl voice in the product.

The collaboration – After creating a group of exclusive encaustic collages for Rip Curl, Susan joined forces with the company’s most talented designers in Rio de Jeneiro to develop imaginative ways to incorporate the work onto fresh products.

Collaboration brings endless possibilities of fun & pushing myself as an artist. I was very happy to be given such broad creative freedom & trust by Rip Curl to create one of a kind original collages for the brand… I wanted to create something special for Rip Curl.

Susan Wickstrand

Above: Rip Curl by Susan Wickstrand "Artist of The Search" tote

Below are some snapshots of upcoming Rip Curl and Susan Wickstrand’s products from Susan’s Facebook page

Above: Happy to announce; Rip Curl "Artist of the Search" bikinis & apparel coming soon. Yewww!

Above: Rip Curl by Susan Wickstrand, "Artist of The Search" totes, bag and wallet too.

Above: All organic cotton hoodie. Peace sign on the zipper pull. Signature logo: "Rip Curl by Susan Wickstrand".


Check out Susan’s website and blog for updates.

And see Rip Curl’s My Bikini for their full range…