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February 24th, 2011

Surf Artist – Julie Merian

Introducing "hyperrealistic" surf art by French artist Julie Merian. While Julie likes the "old school surfing" and surf culture scene, she prefers to paint her own reality and experiences, living and surfing on the Mediterranean south coast of France. What we think is really interesting is that she uses shades of grey, black and white to represent the urbanisation and pollution of coastal areas. She also often uses several canvases which is commonly used in religious art, to represent the "mystical" and personal relationship surfers have with the elements. Take a look and tell us what you think…


I am not taking part in Pop surf art and I am not interested in the usual surf mediatic coverage. Another kind of surf does exist! Surfers generally dream of a perfect turquoise wave and hot water… I think a lot of surfers have a brown and cold surf spot they call home, just like I do. It is too cold to only wear a bikini when I surf. Surfing is not only about the cool and free behavior; used by brand names, TV or magazines.