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April 11th, 2010

Surf Artist – Daina Deblette Scarola

Introducing Daina Deblette Scarola, an artist in Nova Scotia, Canada. Daina explains her latest series of round surf art oil paintings…

"…They pull together all the subjects I’ve loved painting over the years – flowers, landscapes, figures, textures – combined with my connection to the ocean and nature. Subtle backgrounds are suggested with textured prints on paint or as imprints in gesso – clouds, foliage, waves – using wooden textile print blocks to create this effect, each chosen carefully for its pattern. My paintings resonate a kind of nostalgic vintage art-nouveau twist on the classic pin-up girls and retro cars set against lazy summer beach days. This is the expression and representation of the powerful pull on our heartstrings to the ocean tides, as an experience, a lifestyle, a feeling, a memory, or desire. The round canvas is symbolic and represents this life as non-linear. It has no boundaries, no corners."


Surf Art by Daina Scarola