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November 12th, 2009

Surf art & surfing icons with Mayumi Tsubokura

November’s exhibit on COTW is with Japanese surf artist Mayumi Tsubokura, interspersed with photos from Mayumi’s personal archives tracking his encounters with many of surfing’s icons/heroes, past and present…

His experiences span him being pulled from the water after wiping out by Rabbit Kekai and being personally coached by him the next day, hanging with Eddie Aikau, nursing injuries for Laird Hamilton, instigating the great surf documentary Riding Giants by introducing Darrick Doerner and Laird to one of the producers, being nicknamed by Gerry Lopez, meeting Frank Sinatra and even saving Miki Dora‘s life!!! His personal photo collection includes photos of a young Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Andy Irons, Taylor Knox and many more.

Check out the interview and enjoy the art and photos from his personal archives…


Mayumi Tsubokura with big wave surfing legend Greg Noll