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April 24th, 2012

Rip Curl Europe Summer 2012

We got a cool package in the mail today from Rip Curl Europe, previewing one of their Artist of the Search collaborations; a bikini featuring artist Susan Wickstrand‘s collage art. We previously wrote a post about this, which you can see for full details here.

We love to see surf industry brands collaborating with artists on products and event artwork, so we’re stoked to see Rip Curl’s continued support of surf artists with their Artist of the Search series.

The package came with this awesome preview of their 2012 Summer Swimwear & Mirage Boardshorts Collection (download pdf) and a bunch of great photos from their 2012 Summer campaign, which we had to share! Whether you like great surfing photos, girls in bikinis or just like surf gear, we’re sure you’ll dig these (click images to englarge)

Rip Curl – Artist of the Search

Thriving on experimentation and the unexpected, artists, like surfers, truly embody the Search lifestyle. This is why Rip Curl is teaming up with brave new artists each season to design unique surfwear, fit for searching. Part of the Rip Curl Planet movement, all Artist of the Search products are made from eco-friendly materials adding to the depth and difference found in each piece.


Collaboration brings endless possibilities of fun & pushing myself as an artist. I was very happy to be given such broad creative freedom & trust by Rip Curl to create one of a kind original collages for the brand… I wanted to create something special for Rip Curl.

Susan Wickstrand