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October 21st, 2011

Pipe Masters exclusive surfboard by artist Phil Roberts

Artist Phil Roberts painted a Pipeline Gun by Gerry Lopez exclusively for Sacred Craft, to be auctioned off at the Board Art Benefit. It was a rare chance for someone to acquire a Pipe Masters board as a non-competitor, with proceeds going to a worthy cause at SurfAid International.

The 7’4″ Gerry Lopez shaped Pipeline Gun has 3 signatures on this collectible art piece, Gerry’s, Phil’s and photographer Lance Trout who took the 1979 photo of Gerry at Pipeline. The board is glassed black tint (with Gerry’s signature showing) and the Lightning Bolt in gold leaf on the bottom. This board is only #5 of the Pipeline Masters art board series by Phil after this years 2011 Pipeline Masters trophy surfboard for Billabong.

The image below shows the Under-painting progress on the foam deck (click to enlarge):

Phil Roberts' Pipe Masters surfboard (detail) for Sacred Craft

For a pro surfer, winning the Pipe Masters is a crowning achievement that includes a sizable cash prize, place in history and one of the most iconic trophies in surfing – a surfboard trophy by famed master painter and sculptor Phil Roberts. The only way to get one of these pieces of history is to win the contest. Working along with Gerry Lopez and special permission from legendary surf photographer Lance Trout, Phil has put together and painted one of the most rare items in surfing.