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July 5th, 2011

Origami Whales Project

We want to share with you a video and information about a great project and cause in protest of the senseless slaughter of whales by Japan, Norway and Iceland. The project is called the Origami Whales Project and was masterminded in 2004, and still directed by Peggy Oki.

You may remember Peggy as a member of the legendary Zephyr Skate Team (Z-Boys of Dogtown), but she is also an environmental activist and rather talented artist too. We urge you to watch this video, listen to it’s message and share it with your friends, and where possible support and rise up against the atrocities against cetaceans!

Below is a video by Elisa Buller shot in Dominica featuring Peggy talking about the project…

Mission statement

Since 2004, the Origami Whales Project has worked to raise awareness concerning threats to cetaceans (dolphins and whales) through its stunning and memorable “Curtain of 36,000 Origami Whales.” Created by thousands of concerned citizens across the globe and exhibited throughout the world, this large-scale public art project serves as a powerful visual statement and memorial for the thousands of individual whales killed since the 1986 ban on commercial whaling. As urgent need for cetacean rights activities arise, the Origami Whales Project has expanded with additional outreach and education programs, creating “Curtains” of origami dolphins and whales in United States, Japan, Dominica, and New Zealand.

Latest update: The big curtain is now a “Curtain of 36,000 Origami Whales”, each paper whale memorializing a real whale reported slaughtered by the three main whaling nations of Japan, Norway, and Iceland.

For more info visit our dedicated page for the Origami Whales Project for more information or check out Peggy’s website for latest news and developments.

Call for sponsors (from Peggy)

I am willing! IWC/63, less than 2 days left

With now just two days before booked departure, we are still awaiting to hear back on co-sponsorships. On average of less than twice per year do I as Founder/Director of the all-volunteer Origami Whales Project seek co-sponsorship and donations.

I am willing to travel over 30 hours each way to get to the island of Jersey, U.K., I am willing to sleep on the floor of shared accommodation offered by my friends with Surfers For Cetaceans. I am willing to give up 11 days without working for my own livelihood, to bring the “Curtain of 2,000 Origami Whales” to the UK to be present during the IWC meetings. Without any doubt, I would do this for the Whales!

The only thing I need is the remaining budgeted amount of $780 in co-sponsorship so that I may purchase my ticket by 1pm tomorrow (6 July), pack and board the plane the following day (7 July).

Photos by Eric Cheng

Below are a few great photos of these amazing creatures (Sperm Whales), photographed in Dominica by photographer Eric Cheng. See his portfolio site for more.