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March 20th, 2012

One Winter Story

"One Winter Story is a personal documentary about a woman’s (Sarah Gerhardt) journey to find her place in the world. A powerful, moving story about an amazing woman." A short film by Sally Lundburg and Elizabeth Pepin shot in 56min, Super 8 & 16mm film.

Watch the trailer below…

Making of One Winter Story (Shooting at Maverick’s)…

About the film

One Winter Story is an unprecedented glimpse into the male-dominated world of big-wave surfing from an unusual and seldom seen perspective – a woman’s. This hour-long film explores the nature of fear and faith through the experience big-wave surf pioneer, Sarah Gerhardt. "One Winter Story" is a personal documentary that follows Sarah as she surfs Maverick’s, a monstrous wave that breaks in the freezing, shark-infested waters off Half Moon Bay in Northern California.

Sarah’s journey to Maverick’s was anything but easy. Surfing became her escape from the hardships of home and faith became the guiding force in her life. Sarah is a genuine big-wave pioneer, the first woman to surf what is one of the largest waves in the world. In the years she has been surfing the wave, Sarah has discovered that although she has many limitations, Maverick’s allows her to live as though she doesn’t have any, bringing her peace as she finds her place in the lineup, and in the world. Also featured in the film are big wave surfers Mike Gerhardt, Ken Bradshaw, and Jenny Useldinger.