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December 22nd, 2011

Mickey Smith’s inspiring talk at Do Lectures

Check out this inspiring talk by Cornish surf photographer Mickey Smith titled: "Do trust in the things you love", as part of the Do Lectures annual talks by inspirational individuals, sharing what they do, what they’ve learned doing it and through their experiences recommend things you should do to make a difference, or enrich your life.

See two more inspirational short film documentaries by and featuring Mickey Smith here: The Dark Side of The Lens (featured in the video below) and Powers of Three.

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Mickey Smith‘s biography

Photographer, film maker & surfer. Mickey Smith is a lad that has lived a life a little less ordinary. He grew up amongst a family of fisherman and mariners, so the ocean and the elements were inevitably where he was drawn. At the age of 9 he was given a disposable camera and an acoustic guitar and cameras and music combined with the magic of waves eventually led him to become a photographer and film maker. From Iceland to Tahiti, Ireland to Japan, Mickey’s love for waves of consequence and isolated environments has left him with many a fine tale to tell and worldwide acclaim for his groundbreaking creative endeavors.

"If I can only scrape a living, at least it will be a living worth scraping" Beautiful life affirming stuff.


About Do Lectures

The idea is a simple one – that people who Do things can inspire the rest of us to go and Do things, too. So each year we invite a set of people down here to come and tell us what they Do. They can be small Do’s or big Do’s or just extraordinary Do’s. But when you listen to their stories, they light a fire in your belly to go and Do your thing, your passion, the thing that sits in the back of your head each day, just waiting, and waiting for you to follow your heart.

To go find your cause to fight, your company to start, your invention to invent, your book to write, your mountain to climb. The one thing the Doers of the world Do, apart from Do amazing things, is to inspire the rest of us to go and Do amazing things too. They are fire-starters.