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August 24th, 2011

Face Up To It

This is a little off-topic for us, but nonetheless, it’s something we care a lot about and want to give some publicity to. Cancer charity LIVESTRONG (a.k.a. Lance Armstrong Foundation) have launched a campaign called "Face Up To It". It’s a visual petition asking world leaders to face up to non-communicable diseases like cancer. LIVESTRONG will present this petition at the UN Summit in September. You can sign the petition on Facebook, or on their website.

Words from LIVESTRONG:

At the UN Summit in New York next month, we’re going to tell world leaders a difficult truth that they need to hear: Cancer is a global crisis and it’s time for them to Face Up To It.

LIVESTRONG is collecting photos of supporters from around the world to show in New York while the summit is taking place. Join thousands of others and make sure that world leaders cannot ignore our public call for action.

Add your photo using the simple Facebook tool and tell world leaders to FACE UP TO IT. And if you’re not on Facebook, you can still add your photo on the website.

We’re not demanding miraculous breakthroughs or wonder drugs. This is about getting commitments from world leaders to implement proven solutions we already know can save millions of lives.

When we walk through the doors of the UN, we’d like to know that you and thousands of people from around the world are with us in calling on world leaders to Face Up To It. Will you add your photo right now?

Show world leaders the face of our global movement and help make cancer a global health priority! Together, I know we can make sure our leaders seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stop the world’s worst killers.