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January 23rd, 2013

“Killing Waves” – A short film about Surfers Against Sewage

Dazed Digital and TOMS funded a brief to create a "short documentary about an inspiring group who make a difference in your community." The result was a great short film by filmmaker Carlos Carneiro titled "Killing Waves" about the UK environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage (the guys behind the current Protect Our Waves Petition!)

Learn more about the film here: www.protectourwaves.org.uk/killing-waves.php

"We want to motivate people. We want to inspire people to get involved. It’s all about protecting our beaches, protecting our waves and doing what they can, however big or small that it is. Whether it’s getting out in the sea and picking up two bits of litter every time you go surfing, or getting involved with the campaigns, dedicating a few hours of volunteering every month… We’re here doing that and helping people do that."

Hugo Tagholm, Executive Director of Surfers Against Sewage

Protect Our Waves Petition

Surfers Against Sewage campaign to protect our beaches, waves and the ocean from sewage, litter and offshore developments that are threatening to kill our waves. So please sign their petition online at: www.protectourwaves.org.uk and share it with your friends, family, surfing buddies and co-workers.

Go sign the Protect Our Waves petition at: www.protectourwaves.org.uk