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May 15th, 2013

Environmental charities unite for Global Wave Wednesday

For the first time in history, the global wave protection community has joined forces to highlight calls to protect natural surfing resources. On Wednesday 15 May 2013, 15+ surfing and environmental charities & organisations unite for Global Wave Wednesday. This day of action, masterminded by UK based charity Surfers Against Sewage, is calling on surfers, environmentalists and ocean lovers, to join them and the coalition of wave and ocean protection organisations, to generate as many signatures as possible for the online Protect Our Waves Petition found at: www.protectourwaves.org.uk

Among the partners are charities The Surfrider Foundation and Save The Waves Coalition, alongside websites Magicseaweed and organisations such as Rip Curl Planet.

Global Wave Wednesday

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Surfers Against Sewage say:

"It’s great to have surfers from all over globe standing up to protect UK waves as part of Global Wave Wednesday! Surfers are part of a global community, often travelling to experience new waves in new countries. We believe that UK surfers deserve to enjoy clean waves and we want to be able to promote the UK as a clean wave destination."

SAS Campaign Director Andy Cummins

The Surfrider Foundation say:

"Global Wave Wednesday is a great first step in unifying the world’s surf protection organisations and the Surfrider Foundation is proud to be supporting the Protect Our Waves petition today. Surfing is a truly global sport and we travel the world in search of clean, healthy and exciting waves so we have a vested interest in supporting wave protection in the UK and around the world."

Surfrider Foundation Environment Director Chad Nelsen