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May 9th, 2011

Congratulations to Trent Mitchell

Australian photographer Trent Mitchell has again entered the award books having won Capture Magazine’s Emerging Photographer of the Year award! Trent was recognised as the overall winner, as well as winner of the Portrait and Sport categories and runner-up in the Photojournalism and Landscape categories.

Australian Photography had these nice things to say about Trent:

"Trent Mitchell passionately travels far and wide for the perfect moment, location and light to make his pictures. Dancing the line between art and life, creating surreal images that speak the truth with a rare connection that is unexplainable, Trent has an innate ability to truly capture the essence of his subject with an undeniably unique twist.

"A highly adaptable photographer, he does not see himself as bound to one genre of image-making. Mitchell has an extensive list of extremely happy, varied clients that not only love his work but foster and evolve it into their vision and market."

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For more of Trent’s great work check out an interview and photo feature we did with him back in 2009. Also check out his portfolio website and photo blog.