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November 29th, 2012

BlueSphere book by Shelli Bankier

Australian surf photographer Shelli Bankier has released her eagerly anticipated new book of photography, titled "BlueSphere". This beautiful photographic art book features waves, forms and ocean moments from Australia, Hawaii, Tahiti and more, with unique and original photography, art elements and writing, by Shelli Bankier.

Hardcover, 204 pages, 300mm x 225mm
Printed on matt art PEFC eco paper with soy inks
Limited edition first press

Available now for pre-sale and from December 5 onwards online at bluespherephotography.com.

"I have been taking photos of the surf and ocean with artistic elements for 10 years now and am one of the few women who do so. My first book is a collection of my work from Australia, Hawaii, Tahiti and more. My major work is an artistic viewpoint of the beauty of the wave and the ocean. Connected to this (but not as a part of the book) is my personal journey after a severe spinal injury at 16 from a car accident, which meant I had to learn to walk and surf again, after the doctors told me neither was a remote possibility. I also grew up on a yacht sailing around the world, thereby falling in love with the ocean, and started surfing when I was 13. Photography of the waves was a natural progression to connect to the ocean and share this passion. I am now 31, walking and surfing, (though I am no surf pro – just love being out there and riding what I can!).

"The book is an inspirational piece for awareness of the ocean, its importance and beauty. My personal story can be tied to this as inspiration for anyone out there that vision and hard work can get you through to where you want to be. I have had my work published and have been exhibiting my work on the Gold Coast and other places over the last few years and also had Inverse gallery at Burleigh."

Shelli Bankier

Some of Shelli’s great photos below (more here)…