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February 21st, 2012

Another new website for Ian & Erick Regnard!

Australian (brother duo) photographers Ian & Erick Regnard (Tungsten) have launched a new website to showcase some of their commercial photography, check it out at: www.tungsten.net.au. In contrast, only recently we shared their ‘other’ website showcasing their personal (non-commercial) photography work, see more on that here.

Here are some of our favourites…

In their own words…

"I can still hear the ocean in front of our place when I think about it! It’s something you never forget!! Erick and I, Ian, were born on the island of Mauritius and kind of grew with the acceptance that somehow we were lucky enough to have experienced the freedom to be kids… Our relationship means everything! We understand each other, we feed off each other but most of all we challenge each other. This relationship thing also intriguely comes into our photography… We love the relationship with the sun and the ocean and everything around – call us old fashioned but we put a lot of work into creating the image right, first time, using natural light and using flashes, and using people with great faces…

We both love photography and we push the envelop to the point that some think we are crazy and maybe we are! Crazy enough to go the extra mile to create what we think is a great shot.

We love good food, we love wine, we love Rhum! We love girls, we love friends we love family… and we LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!!!"

Check out Ian & Erick Regnard‘s websites at: tungsten.net.au and ianerickregnard.com, and their blog at: http://justshootingstuff.blogspot.com