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October 21st, 2011

A snapshot of Sacred Craft

Presented here are some great photos from the Board Art Benefit at Sacred Craft earlier this month, by photographer Kevin Roche (interspersed with some other photos of the artists’ work in progress). You can see the full set on Facebook. Great to see some of the artists that make COTW what it is, ‘in action’.

Artist Phil Roberts with his 7’4″ Gerry Lopez shaped Pipeline Gun

Phil Roberts‘ under-painting of freehand airbrush on the foam deck
(click the image for enlargement)

Artist Wade Koniakowsy with the legendary Mike Hynson…

Artist Spencer Reynolds painting…

Spencer Reynolds painted Jeff Lausch surfboard (click the image for enlargement)

Rick Rietveld painted Jed Noll surfboard (click the image for enlargement)

Artist Rick Rietveld paying attention to detail…

Artist Ron Croci with his Alaia board he painted…