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Adam Warmington

Surf Photographer

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Adam Warmington

San Francisco, California (British)

Originally from the UK, San Francisco based photographer, Adam Warmington has always been fascinated by images. He has spent 10 years in the film industry yet his true passion lies in stills, where he finds a greater challenge - to tell a story in one fraction of a second.

It was the move to Ocean Beach that acted as the catalyst for Adam's career in surf-photography. The combination of a close proximity to consistent waves and a gradual but warm welcome from the very tight-knit local community has allowed Adam to capture some unique and beautiful moments over the past 3 years. That, combined with frequent travel has let to his work being published in Surfer, The Surfers Path, Transworld, Water, Line Up, and Surfline amongst others.

Thanks to Jhaya, Rinek, Mic&Vic and the Kelly's boys.

Such great range and texture, with subtly different angles that carry an emotional quality.

Drew Kampion